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2018 was our second year riding shows at Caravan Salon Dusseldorf, for our sponsors Eberspächer!  True to form we had huge crowds for each show, all making plenty of noise.  Thanks to everyone involved, we had a blast.

We were lucky enough to have the full team line-up of Ali Clarkson, Danny MacAskill, Duncan Shaw and Fabio Wibmer riding for the first time this year, after injuries side-lined Danny and Fabio earlier in the season.  Dave Mackison was on hand shooting photos and driving the bus, Henry Jackson was on the mic, Ricky Crompton helped out with the merch stand and during the shows – we also had the guys from Cut Media join us to help put together a video from the trip!

Scroll down to check out some media from our shows…

Ali 3-pivoting off the Eberspacher Tower.

Ali and the Five Ten Tower drop!

Cruising off the end of the balance beam.

Ali breezed over the hop bar all weekend!


Big thanks to the great crowds, and to Eberspacher for bringing us out!

Danny boosting the wedge.

A big popped tyre tap off the Eberspacher tyre from Danny.

Danny handling the Spiky Fence with ease!

The Big Bike came out for a play too…

Duncan 180-ing the bike rail feature.

Duncan dropping from the rails to the Continental box.


The crowds were just as happy as we were to have Fabio back!

It doesn’t always go to plan for Fabio…

Fabio’s trademark bar ride!

Fabio slinging a barspin mid-show.

Fabio nailing the footjam whip from the Eberspacher tower.

A clip of Fabio pulling that move:

The guys hard at work after the shows…

These guys… #dropandroll #droppedandrolled #herdingcats

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Some synchronised moves from the guys on the way to Dusseldorf, in Eindhoven:


  • Continental
  • Five Ten
  • Go Pro
  • Magura
  • Muc-Off
  • Eberspächer

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