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We posted up Duncan Shaw‘s first vlog from Sydney two days ago, and now he’s back with a quick Q&A about his trip!  Read on for more…

Drop And Roll:  Firstly, where have you flown off to?

Duncan: Myself and Dave Mackison flew out on Sunday.

How long are you there for?

The plan is to be in Sydney for nearly three weeks to shoot a new riding Edit as I’ve not made a proper Clíp like this for some time.

Have you been to Australia before?

I actually came out last year for a few weeks. I had my bike with me but I was by myself so kept everything pretty chilled and didn’t shoot much apart from a few GoPro clips.

What have you gone over there for?

Myself and Dave have been talking about shooting something new for a while and with the weather deteriorating fast back in Scotland we wanted somewhere with nice weather and sweet light to shoot in.

What are you looking forward to most on this trip?

Riding some fresh spots in the sun. Despite being from Scotland, I am happiest when I’m in the sun. I just find it so much easier to motivate myself and to get stoked on riding when there’s lots of new spots to explore whilst topping up the tan 😎

Thanks Duncan!  Catch you when you get back.  We’ll keep the hot tub warm.

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  • Five Ten
  • Go Pro
  • Magura
  • Muc-Off
  • Eberspächer

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