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This #ThrowbackThursday we’re looking back at our recent shows at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA!

Unfortunately, while filming for his Fabiolous Escape 2 edit not long before Sea Otter, Fabio Wibmer took a slam and broke his collarbone.  This meant the crew for our shows at Sea Otter was Ali Clarkson, Danny MacAskill, Duncan Shaw along with Dave Mackison and John Bailey to help cover the media angle and build the rig!

We were able to make it to Sea Otter thanks to the help we received from our sponsors Magura.  As part of their coverage of our shows, Magura broadcast one of our shows live which you can watch back right now!

Danny MacAskill's Drop and Roll Tour Show live from Sea Otter Classic 2018, California. #ridemagura#MT7

Posted by MAGURA on Saturday, 21 April 2018

Alongside Magura, we received some help from Continental MTB – head to their Continental MTB Instagram Stories Highlights to see some more coverage, including our Instagram Takeover.

As ever, Dave Mackison was on hand with his camera to shoot some photos!  Scroll down to see what everyone got up to…

There were plenty of photos taken at the Magura and Continental Booths!

Danny MacAskill was still recovering from his knee surgery, so Sea Otter was a learning experience seeing what his knee was capable of.

Although his knee was still giving him trouble, Danny still won the high hop comp!

Although he didn’t risk the full drop to flat, Danny still cruised the Tower to Box drop.

As ever, the ball flip was on!

The crowds at Sea Otter were awesome!

Duncan Shaw was still at his smooth, controlled best taking care of the more trialsy elements of the rig.

Duncan cruised the kicker to rear up the new Eberspaecher box!

Luckily Duncan’s accuracy was on point enough Henry is all good!

Sailing over the gaps between the Continental MTB and Eberspaecher boxes – part of our new permanent US rig!

As ever with our shows, there were plenty of freebies given away!

Ali Clarkson stepped up to the plate and delivered the hammers as you can see below!

Ali ran Danny close in the Hop Comp, with his usual tweaked shapes!

Ali breezing off the Five Ten Tower…

Another angle of that huge drop!

Ali had ender duties too, handling the backflip off our new mini kicker.

You can see what Ali got up to after our shows in his vlog from California too:

Big thanks to everyone who helped make our US trip a reality!  We had a blast and can’t wait to head back over.

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